Are you ready to take your online battleground survival skills to the next level? If so, today we’ve got a game featuring a bunch of buff guys, a pixelated 3D battleground and lots of guns… 💣🔫💀

Guns Royale is the perfect game for those players who have reached their full potential on simplistic mobile capable (.io) games. If you’re in need of a harder challenge than you can play still play on the go, Guns Royale is one of the hottest games currently available for iOS. Hopefully, we will get an Android version soon…🙏

Jumping into our review, Guns Royale is played using a set of split screen joystick controls which allow you to move around the stage and shoot at anything that moves. By touching and dragging anywhere on the left-hand side of the screen you can move your player around the stage, and by doing the same on the right you can change the rotation and direction in which your player fires his weapon.

As you sneak around each level in search of your next victim, you will at some point or another stumble upon a dropped weapon, health-kit, item of clothing/armor, etc. These items can speedily be equipped or collected by tapping on one of the slots located on the left and right sides of your screen. Everything you need is always visible for speedy weapon swaps and health-kit pickups.

Once you’ve gotten used to the controls and have successfully joined one of the many games that fill up with 16 actual players at a tremendous speed(!), it is up to you and your skill to survive to the end. Something we have yet to actually achieve…

Finally, the graphics in this game are superb. With simple yet very nice 3D pixel style graphics, Guns Royale has a nice balance of aesthetics and functionality. Unless you’re on an older iOS device you shouldn’t have any issues with the graphics not rendering properly…

With speedy gameplay rounds, (even the longest rounds seem to last less than 5 minutes), loads of functionality for you to play around with, and plenty of other human players to test your skills against, Guns Royale is the perfect game for those players who have already reached their full potential in simple multiplayer (.io) games.

As for us, we need some more training…

The Conclusion

Guns Royale is a great game and we highly recommend it to anyone willing to give it a try. There do still seem to be some lagging issues when shooting other players but other than that Guns Royale is a great game we expect to see get even better!

Want to give Guns Royale a try? The download link is just below.📲
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