Have you ever wondered what would happen if you flew back in time changed and one small – seemingly insignificant – decision in your life? If you had actually gotten up when your alarm went off yesterday, what difference would it have had on your life today? If you hadn’t eaten that cookie yesterday, would you still be alive today? 👻  Nobody knows…

GROW RECOVERY is a game about the order in which actions take place. Based on the normally very energetic yellow google street view dude who has caught a cold after running around the globe a little too much, your mission in this game is to help this little guy get better. Sound simple? Ahh… NO!

With 6 different items you can give to your player in whatever order you find best fitting, your mission in this game is to help your player get better as soon as possible… Although you are free to give your player items in whatever order you would like, there is only one 100% correct answer that will make your player fully well.

If our maths is correct, there are a total of 6! = 720 different combinations – only 1 of which is correct…! 719 wrong combinations…😱

With cute manga like graphics, one of the simplest gameplay systems you can get, and 720 combinations to grind your way through, this is a game you’ll want to get your friend to play after you’ve googled the answer and can tease them about being so stupid😉

The Conclusion

Do you like daydreaming about what life would be like if you weren’t staring at a screen reading Edamame Reviews, and were instead doing something more… productive…?

If so, now is the time to take action!

…but before you do, why not give GROW RECOVERY a try?
The download link is just below😉

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