Gravit8 – A super simple space game you will actually get to the end of!

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Being a long time follower of the DeadCool Team, the launch of Gravit8 actually came as quite a surprise to us. Although the graphics, the simple gameplay system, and of course the DeadCool trademark “Slow Motion Effects” are cool as ever, one key feature is distinctly different with this release, Gravit8 isn’t impossible.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself, “Is not being impossible a feature?”, if this is the case, our answer to you is “Definitely YES!” When was the last time you actually played a mobile game to it’s full potential? Gravit8 is a game you will eventually get to the end of no matter what your gaming skill level.

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Based around the 88 constellations that shimmer in our night skies, your mission in this game is to travel from constellation to constellation, exploring the galaxy without getting smashed by meteors, satellites, or UFO’s. Pretty simple.

The game is played using a single tap to ignite your rocket’s engines, …and that’s about it.

You see, your mission in this game is to carefully analyse the galaxy you are about to travel through, and to ignite your rocket’s engines at the perfect time to safely travel through your exploration route from start to finish without getting hit by anything.

In a sense Gravit8 is based quite a bit around luck rather than actual “Gaming Skill”, which for some players may be a little annoying, but in our opinion at least, Gravit8 is a cool little mini game most players will eventually get to the end of no matter how high or low their skill level.

The Conclusion

Want a game where you will actually get to see the “Game Clear” screen?

Gravit8 is a cool little mini game with one of the simplest – if not the simplest – gameplay system we’ve ever seen!

Want to give this game a try? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below, and as always thanks for following