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Gratitude Tipping is a new app aimed at making your life easier when you’re abroad. Whether you’re on a weekend break, away for business or traveling the world, Gratitude has helpful tools and tips which will help you feel like a local.

Tipping varies from culture to culture, so why not get it right? In the USA, you can be expected to tip up to 25% of the total bill in some cases, whereas in Japan tipping is not expected and sometimes even considered rude! It would be time-consuming to learn every country’s tipping culture and now, thanks to Gratitude Tipping, you won’t have to.

Gratitude Tipping has an inbuilt algorithm which will work out how much you should tip based on the country you’re in, your group size, the level of service you received and, of course, the bill amount. It only takes a few seconds and you’ll be provided with an accurate suggestion of how much to tip!

However, that’s not all. Gratitude Tipping also provides the user with a mini travel guide. No matter whether you’re in Australia or Aruba, Brazil or Bermuda, there will be information and tips to help you make the most out of your trip, along with a few basic language and local cuisine pointers.

Gratitude Tipping

Gratitude Tipping differs from other tipping apps in that it isn’t just a fancy calculator, so there’s no need to work out the tip yourself. All you need to do is answer a few basic questions regarding your group size and how good the service was and the algorithm will do the rest for you.

The app will locate the user using location services, which will determine the tipping range that will be used for the calculation. Then, the user can choose whether they are eating, drinking, taking a taxi or being helped by a hotel porter. The app will ask for the group size (or the number of bags or drinks depending on which service is chosen) before requesting the bill amount. Once this has been entered, the final step is to rate your server. Did they bend over backwards and earn themselves a five-star review? Or were they rude and slow? It’s up to you! Either way, Gratitude Tipping will take this into account and provide you with a suggested amount to tip based on the variables entered.

Don’t like the sound of Gratitude being able to track your every move? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered as well. The user can use the app in offline mode and just pick the country of their choice from a drop-down menu and have full access to the app!

The newest addition to the app, the travel guide, is located at the top of each country’s page. By clicking on the information icon, the user will be able to have access to country stats, tourism tips, basic language tips and must try food and drinks!

Gratitude Tipping


The key features of Gratitude Tipping are:

1) An inbuilt algorithm which has knowledge of every country’s tipping culture.

2) The amount you tip changes based on the group size, service rating, and location.

3) Each country has its own travel guide, consisting of the capital city, population, unusual facts, tourist hotspot, hidden gem, language tips and must try food and drinks.

4) The app locates the user and asks them to confirm.

5) The app also works offline without location services via a drop-down menu.

6) The app provides the user with their average star rating and also the number of countries they’ve visited.

7) The flag of the country changes depending on where you are.

8) Whichever country the user is in they will be told how to ask for the bill in the local dialect.

9) The tip suggestion will split the bill automatically for groups of 2 or more people.


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Gratitude Tipping

About – Enjay Training Ltd

Gratitude Tipping was created and designed by Julius Goldthorpe with the aim to make it easier to tip when you are in a culture you’re not familiar with. Enjay Training Ltd is an app development company and consultancy which aims to make lifestyle apps to make people’s lives simpler.

Going forward Enjay Training Ltd plans to add to Gratitude Tipping to make the travel guides more comprehensive and to link up with restaurants and bars to offer bespoke offers.

Other apps are in the pipeline too – so watch this space!

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