Golfing Around

Golf games can be a fun way to pass the time on your iOS device. Especially when it is raining outside and you aren’t actually the best golfer in real life anyway… 😬 or at least, that’s what we thought until we were introduced to Golfing Around…

How can we put it… Golfing Around (by Colin Lane Games) may just be the hardest 2D golf game we have ever tried to get our head around – and it is almost entirely due to its highly unique Isometric Design.

Golfing Around somehow manages to create a top-down 3D golfing experience using only 2D visual elements. Sound tricky? It is!

Like any other golf game, Golfing Around is played by checking the map, choosing your club, adjusting your aim and hitting with just enough power to land your ball on the spot you intended. By constantly zooming in and out to check your position on the map, this game isn’t too hard to play – until your ball ends up flying into the rough…

Once you’re in the rough, your chances of ending with a “Par” is almost 0. Visualising how tall Isometric trees are is almost impossible, and when you’re stuck behind a wall of them, you’ll just have to aim and hope for the best. In some cases, your ball will bounce off a tree, putting you in a worse position than where you started, while other times you’ll somehow make your way out just in time for a “Triple Bogey”.

Other than having its own set of unique challenges you will need to overcome as a player, Golfing Around is the first top-down golf game with an Isometric Design we’ve ever really played and we must say, the experience wasn’t too bad… 😃

The Conclusion

With simple controls, a very unique design, a moderate number of Ads, and quite a number of holes to keep your gameplay fresh for at least a little while, Golfing Around – although very challenging – is a fun new game for iOS we think golf fans will have fun trying out.✌️

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