Go Race – Rip-off? Cheat? Call this game what you want, but It’s good!

Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to smartphones by March 2019. If you didn’t know this, then it is about time you start marking your calendars because 2019 is just around the corner and… What you can play already!?

Go Race (by Space Ape Games) is by no means Mario Kart. Featuring a mobile-friendly Mario-Kart-like gaming experience using Fortnite-like characters and real-time online matchups against other players, Go Race is kind of a rip-off of everything popular in 2018.

…that being said, it isn’t a bad game… 😅

For the sake of all you die-hard Mario Kart fans out there, we hate to say this but Go Race may just be the best Mario-Kart style racing game we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. And it all starts with the control system.

Racing with an on-screen steering wheel is “Annoying”, to say the least, and most tilt controls we’ve ever used kind of suck, which is why Go Race uses a new type of control system (we hope is original) which not only allows you to play single-handedly but is also super intuitive and easy to use!

Played by touching and dragging an odometer-like joystick left and right in order to steer, Go Race allows you to drift and use items all with a single stick.

By speedily moving your finger from one side of the screen to the other, your kart will drift into the corner rather than simply turning, and by raising your finger for just a second, you can activate whatever item you happen to be holding.

With excellent visuals, an abundance of upgrades you can make to your kart’s performance, and no shortage of people to race with, this game (although it may be a rip-off) raises the bar for Mario Kart in 2019, making us ever-more excited for what is to come!

The Conclusion

If you’re dying for the day you can finally play the real Mario Kart on your iOS or Android device, why not give Go Race a try? There is only a 100% chance it will make you more excited for the release of Mario Kart in 2019!

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