Go Plane (by Voodoo) is yet another fun and “FREE” game from the team at Voodoo you are going to need to “Pay to Play”… Although very fun and enjoyable, we don’t expect many players will actually be playing this game for free…

Set in the clear blue skies above a virtual war zone(!) your mission in this game is to help a small propeller plane avoid getting blown to bits by an insane number of homing missiles that rocket in toward you from every side of the screen! Bombarded from every which way, (all at once), your only method for survival is to swerve in a way to make 2 or more missiles collide with one another and detonate themselves…🚀💥💀

Played using a simple set of (Touch and Drag) controls which are used to control the direction in which your plane flies from anywhere on the screen, Go Plane is simple and easy to play (once you’ve figured out how to avoid 10-20 missiles all at once).

Once you’ve gotten the hang of flying alongside missiles, you can activate “Fever Mode” by flying just out of range of a given missile for about 3 seconds. During “Fever Mode” your small propeller plane is transformed into an invincible glowing plane of doom and destruction…! before returning to normal and getting blown to bits…💀

Go Plane

Although the game itself is very fun and enjoyable, Go Plane has one massive issue (that can be solved with $$$). Go Plane features so many Ads, the game is virtually unplayable. After being interrupted by a full-screen banner advertisement 3 times mid-game, we were forced to switch our testing device to “Airplane Mode” just to write this review! Not exactly the best user experience…

Everyone needs to eat, and so it isn’t really fair to complain about the advertisements that interrupt your game every now and then, however, having a game that features full-screen ads mid gameplay without even pausing the game to prevent you from dying is just annoying.😠

The Conclusion

If you’re planning on purchasing this game, by all means, give Go Plane a try because it is a great game! However, if you’re looking for a game you can play for free without being bombarded with more advertisements than gameplay, this probably isn’t the game for you.

Download at your own risk…

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