Geometry Race – Is “COLORFULNESS” your thing…

If you’ve played games like Race The Sun or Breakneck, chances are Geometry Race is a game you’ll instantly feel familiar with. …The only thing is, it has just one major difference… Colorfulness…

Where most speedy jet racer games feature shiny rocket like contraptions shooting through uninhabited wastelands at dangerously high speeds, Geometry Race features a toy like jet racer shooting though the most colorful wasteland you will probably ever see.

Set in 3 extremely colorful worlds that almost look as if they were taken from the world of Dr. Seuss’s imagination(!) your mission in this game is to avoid smashing into anything as you whizz past every kind of colorful obstacle imaginable!

As you fly through each level you will be required to collect floating crystals you can use to power up your ship and buy new levels. As well as crystals, you will also be required to collect “Power Crystals” that are a necessity to keep your speeding ship in the air…💀

To one degree or another, Geometry Race looks a little like a child’s game, and in a sense it probably is. The hit area for your ship in this game seems to be a little more generous than in Race The Sun or Breakneck, meaning gameplay in this game should be considerably easier for less experienced players. …Not that we could “all” benefit from a smaller hit area…

If there is one thing that is going to kill you in Geometry Race, it is probably going to be its colorfulness. After focusing on avoiding anything colorful for long periods of time, it is very easy to accidently miss a less colorful obstacle and smash head on with it, GAME OVER! Although this isn’t an issue with the game itself, it is one thing you should probably keep in the back of your mind if you’re aiming or a super high score!

With a high-quality gameplay system, very unique visuals, and a minimal number of ads, (A killer feature many reviewers simply overlook), Geometry Race is a game we’d recommend to anyone who feels the need for speed!

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