Geometry Dash World – Do you love it? or hate it?

Some games are hard to love. (…until you win and suddenly it becomes the best game in the world!) Geometry Dash World is another one of those games you can never quite decide whether you love or hate…

If you happen to be a long time fan of “impossible” games, you have probably come across the name “Geometry Dash” more than once in your life. Based around the simple concept of jumping over deadly obstacles while moving at insanely high speeds, you “will” hate this game. Until you win…

Played using super simple tap controls, (Tap to Jump), it is truly amazing how this one exceedingly simple game will manage to kill you so many times. Luckily, Geometry Dash World does have an end, and the path you must take in order to get to that end does not change. So as long as you are persistent, you “should” eventually make it to the end…

Now, for players who have invested in a decent pair of headphones, Geometry Dash World does get a little better. The soundtracks in this game are some of the best you’ll find in any impossible game and may just be enough to cancel out this game’s annoyingness for a little while at least. 😡

Lastly, the graphics in this game are very “different”, to say the least. Unlike the majority of minimalist games that seem to use pastel colors on a white background, Geometry Dash World does almost the contrary with bright neon colors and a dark background, which in our opinion looks pretty cool.

With a minimal number of ads, enough levels to last you a year! (depending on how good you are…), and an awesome soundtrack to test out your brand new headphones, this is the game for anyone who can stand extreme levels of frustration without destroying something…

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