Have you ever wished Hollywood directors would stop creating bad sequels? Considering a lot of the time creating a sequel to a popular movie is an obvious money grab, often times we would just rather the directors stick to Part 1 and never ever create a Part 2… Gatecrasher is a game we can’t wait to see a sequel to!

Gatecrasher (by Scraping the Barrel) is a game that both looks and feels great in the hand! Set in a neon-colored digital tube, your mission in this game is to avoid colliding with any of the many Rigs (or Gates) that line the inside of the digital tube you race though.

Played using a simple set of (Touch-Based) controls, you can easily spin your player “Clockwise” around the tube by touching in the “Left” side of the screen, and “Counterclockwise” by touching on the “Right” side of the screen.

Playing the game is incredibly simple, so long as you don’t suddenly mind blank and tap “Left” when you should have tapped “Right” which, unfortunately, happens more often than it probably should…


After playing this game for 5 minutes you will soon discover 3 things. (1) The controls are both simple to figure out and simple to mess up. (2) The graphics in this game are magnificent! (3) The music in this game quickly becomes super annoying!

Featuring the same soundtrack that pretty much repeats itself over and over again, Gatecrasher is one of those games we highly recommend you play with the sound turned off. Personally, we wish the Scraping the Barrel Team will create a sequel to Gatecrasher with a gameplay system that is synchronized with different pieces of music, however, this could just be wishful thinking… Who knows…😉

The Conclusion

If our review convinced you to give Gatecrasher a try, there is actually an extra game mode called Line Chaser we also recommend you take a look at! Some of our team actually enjoyed Line Chaser more than Gatecrasher!

If the Scraping the Barrel team do create a version of Gatecrasher that is synchronized with music, you can be sure that we’ll be the first to check it out!

Want to give Gatecrasher a try? The download link is just below.📲
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