At Edamame, we believe the difference between a good game and a great game lies in the story. You can still make brilliant games without a story, but a game with a good storyline is always better.

I guess it’s the same as ice cream with topping and without… I like both…

GastroBots by XMG Studio Inc. is one of those games with a story.

The game itself is extremely simple, all you do is guide a robot around a set track so as to capture animals that have escaped from his space ship- you’ll be brilliant at it in less than 5 minutes. Without a storyline this game would survive 5 minutes before becoming boring and being deleted. But with GastroBots there is a story and levels to go with it.

I personally don’t know much of the story, since I’m still back at planet 2, but it really is what keeps you hooked. If you are into simple games, that aren’t too hard but are still entertaining, this is one of the newest ones out there.

And really, what can beat a game with a decent story?

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