From the publishers of Tap Galaxy and Cookie Clickers 2, today we have a brand new clicker game focused on developing video games! Think you have what it takes to tap your way to becoming a game development billionaire? Let’s find out…

GameDev Empire is a game about creating games in order to make money. The more games you create the more money you make, allowing you to hire more developers, which then, in turn, allows you to make more games, and so on.

Played like most other “modernized” clicker games on the App Store and Google Play, your focus in this game isn’t exactly to wildly tap on the screen of your device like a possessed lunatic. In fact, your focus is more about deciding what to upgrade in order to increase your earnings by the greatest amount possible

With 3 main factors that affect your earnings, (the type of game you create, the number of developers you hire, and time), your job as CEO of your small game development empire is to make important decisions based on these 3 main factors.

Luckily for you however, there is no fear of your company ever falling into the red, and if you’re ever short of cash, it is also your job as CEO to play a bunch of mini-games in order to increase your earnings for a limited amount of time.

With a simple design, a surprisingly accurate representation of what it is like to work in the game development industry, (i.e. liking and replying to fan posts on Twitter, etc.), this is the game to play if you’re thinking about making games for a living.

Just remember to send us that awesome game you create for review…

Has becoming a game developer always been your dream? If so, GameDev Empire is a game we recommend you check out. The only “problem😉” we had with it was the fact that we couldn’t submit our games to Edamame Reviews for review.😂

If we could have done that, this game would have been perfect!😜

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