Galaga Wars – Venture through a virtual galaxy filled with super dangerous space bugs…?

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our galaxy? Who knows, in a galaxy far, far away there may actually be a Jedi Knight named Luke Skywalker? The possibilities are endless! So in a sense, today’s game may actually be a game about “Real Life😱”

Galaga Wars is a super high-quality top down shooter game about “Small Spaceships” and “Massive Space Bugs…” The first thing you’ll probably notice when you launch this game is just how premium everything feels. The graphics, the effects, the controls, the soundtrack, everything feels – and is – super high quality (as you’d expect from BANDAI NAMCO).

Galaga Wars really is a steal for a price tag like this👉 “FREE”

Now, moving back to the gameplay, in this game, you will be required to fight off bugs… Really Big Bugs…🐛 (How Disgusting…😨)

Using your speedy little spaceship, and some very simple touch and drag controls, you will be required to blast these massive space bugs to bits using your spaceship’s laser blasters! All the rules are pretty much the same as any ordinary space shooter (without bugs) just with one cool new feature, fellow space travelers!

Every so often a captured spaceship, pulled by a bug, will drift across your screen. If you manage to shoot down the bug pulling it before it disappears, the rescued spaceship will join you for a short time flying alongside your ship, essentially giving you control over two spacecraft🚀

Lastly, although a very simple feature and probably not quite worth noting, when you let go of the screen the game will automatically pause. We found this feature extremely useful, especially when repositioning our grip on the phone or tablet itself. Definitely, a nice thing to have.

Would you like a super high-quality top down shooter game where you blast massive space bugs to bits? If so, this may be the only game in the world that perfectly fits your needs!

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