Today we have what may be the very first game from Ketchapp we’ve ever reviewed! Although we’ve featured almost 60 different games from Ketchapp, Fuse Ballz may be the very first game “actually” from Ketchapp (not a 3rd party developer) we’ve ever reviewed. …or, the developer is Studio Invisible😂

Set on a stage that looks like a modified version of the basic Roll-a-Ball Tutorial on Unity, your mission in Fuse Ballz is to fire colored balls around a stage in order to fuse same colored balls together. Played using 5 different colored balls (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple) plus one special (Black Ball) that fuses with the first ball it collides with before exploding(!) Fuse Ballz is one of the trickiest games from Ketchapp we’ve ever played.

Starting out with a total of 20 balls for you to shoot around the stage, Fuse Ballz requires you to fuse a total of 5 same colored balls together before anything really happens.😕

On fusing 5 same colored balls together, you will receive +5 Points to add to your score, +3 Balls to shoot around the stage, and 2 balls that remain on the stage after the 5 balls explode. At first this may seem fine, however, after thinking about things for a moment you’ll soon realize that (3 + 2 = 5) meaning you aren’t actually gaining any balls!

This would be alright if it weren’t for the black ball that fuses / explodes the first ball it collides with. If you are skilled enough to always have it collide with the smallest sized ball, that would only be -1 ball from the total number of balls you have to play with. Unfortunately, not everyone is this skilled and will often lose 3-4 balls in a single shot, making the game virtually impossible to play.

Although there are crystals you can collect in order to get 1 extra ball (and to buy skins later on in the game) there are not nearly enough crystals to make this game feel even remotely fun or fair…

The Conclusion

If this game was in fact designed and developed by Ketchapp, our opinion is that Ketchapp should probably stick to publishing great games… not making them…

Fuse Ballz is a great game visually, but the gameplay isn’t exactly thought out very well…😅

Want to give Fuse Ballz a try? The download link is just below.📲
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