FROST is likely going to be the most artistic game we will ever feature on Edamame Reviews! …at least in 2017 that is…😉

From the creators of Euclidean Lands and Blek, the Kunabi Brother’s latest title is going to disappoint a lot of excited players, but not for the reasons you may be imagining. FROST is arguably one of, if not the most beautiful puzzle games we have ever had the honor of reviewing.

Just for reference, this game looks as if it belongs in an art gallery. Not on a small 4.7-inch smartphone display.

Set on a mostly dark canvas, FROST is a game about manipulating small beams of light by skillfully using your finger to create a sort of causeway, (or flow), which these small particles of light can travel along. Once you’ve figured out how to move light around the stage, your ultimate goal is to move all of your glowing particles into a circle positioned somewhere around each level and create a glowing orb.

The concept is fairly simple and straightforward which probably explains why there isn’t really much of an in-game tutorial for you to follow…

At first, the game mostly consists of drawing a line on your screen from A to B. However, as things progress the number of objects that come into play increase, forcing you to carefully plan your moves in order to complete each new level.

With exquisite graphics (we cannot even begin to describe), a steady flow of puzzling levels that – for once – actually increase in difficulty at a sensible rate, and of course, no annoying Ad’s to break your concentration, FROST is above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The only downside? it isn’t available on Android! …yet…! 🙏

The Conclusion

FROST isn’t a cheap game and the relatively high price tag of $4.99 may seem hard to justify, especially when considering just how many FREE puzzle games there are for both iOS and Android.

Even so, if you have the money, FROST is a game we would highly recommend you download. If you didn’t know already, art ain’t cheap… 👨‍🎨🖼

Want to give FROST a try? The download link is just below.📲
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