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    I am Ciro Manna from Badbones Productions, a small game studio based in Naples (Italy) and I send this mail asking for the chance to get some attention on my latest project, Logic Ludum.
    It‚Äôs a Rubik’s cube inspired game that simulate a mechanical logical machine . It’s an hard game (not in the first levels) where user needs to move rows or columns of tiles to fit them on the color requested to make to increase score and levels.
    For the deign I chose something like “a mechanical device”, something more physical like the old cryptographic machines. It’s basically designed to fits the “iPhone X” in the best way but it works also on previous devices.
    In my last update I added also a chance to change colours of tiles (three palettes: American colours, warm colours and vintage palette).
    I think it’s a good and addictive game where users can test their logic capabilities.
    This would be the first of the “LUDUM” series I’m working on.

    This is the link to the game:


    Thank you and my best regards and
    I take this opportunity to offer you my warmest greetings and best wishes for Christmas


      Hey Ciro!

      We finished the review today and will be publishing it here on Edamame Reviews within the next few days!
      If you’re a Rubix cube fan you are going to love this game 😍


        This looks kinda cool, thanks Ciro I think I’ll check it out later ūüôā

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        Ok, many thanks Junpei

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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