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      A Little Star in the dark night sky needs your help.
      It may be scary and difficult to venture the Darkness avoiding the monsters, but don’t be a worry.
      Collect the stars to escape from the darkness and look for a new world where the stars are twinkling.

      ※※※※※※ Game Features ※※※※※※

      ■ Easy-to-play games for everyone
      – Top View Puzzle Adventures Game which backdrop of the dark night sky.
      – Easy to play using tabs and swipe (scroll).

      ■ Various monsters and obstacles
      – Using a light box to attack the monsters and break through the obstacles.
      – Collect the stars for victory in the battle against the Boss monster.

      ■ Endless adventures
      – Experience the Endless adventures with the stage that changes every play.
      – Take a chance to meet unimaginable obstacles and pitfalls such as water droplet and prism.

      ■ distinct character ‘A little star’
      – Meet the various characters like A little star
      – Enjoy the directing of cute little star characters.

      ※※※※※※ How to play ※※※※※※

      ■ Control the Little Star to collect stars and move to a new stage.

      ■ Move a Little Star using swipe (scroll).
      – Swipe to move the star to go up, left, and right

      ■ Use tabs to create a light box in the direction of Little Star’s view”
      – Tap once: Create a light box in the direction of Little Star’s view
      – Tab twice: Create a light box where the Little Star located
      – Light box can attack monsters or move Little Star.

      The inventive playing method will give you a fresh and new interest.
      Join the Little Star’s adventure that searching for stars in new gameplay.

      Indie Puzzle Adventure Arcade with a theme of Fantasy Tales. – A Little Star –

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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