Food Evolution

We have played a lot of ridiculous clicker games you wouldn’t want to play for longer than 15 minutes, but today we’ve got a game that may just set a new record… Food Evolution is a game you probably won’t want to play for longer than 10 minutes…

Food Evolution (by Diced Pixel) is a ridiculous clicker game about fusing food together in order to gain money which can be used to fuse more food together and upgrade random tools. The aim of the game seems to be about continuously evolving food until you eventually make it to the “Food God” which resets your game with a permanent 10% bonus… thanks, I guess…?

The gameplay is simple and straightforward and the graphics (although trash for any other genre of gaming) are acceptable for a clicker game.

A few things we don’t understand are why the upgrades only work in the first world which is home to the cheapest foods that hardly make you any money at – all 0.1% of your total income at most(!) or why you can complete the game in under 10 minutes by purchasing foods from the store instead of actually fusing them yourself? Overall, the game doesn’t exactly feel that well thought out…

If you’re after a clicker game that is actually fun, there are many, many better options available on both iOS and Android that we would recommend you check out before you invest even 1 minute of your time playing Food Evolution. That being said, if you’re after something totally ridiculous, this is probably the-most-ridiculous clicker game we’ve reviewed in recent months.

…actually, it’s probably the-most-ridiculous clicker game we’ve ever reviewed…

The Conclusion

If you still want to give Food Evolution – Clicker Game a try… the download link is just below.📲
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