Flippy Bottle Extreme! – Pretty much the same as real life…

Flippy Bottle Extreme! is a game that should feel very familiar to anyone who has ever played with a bottle. When boredom strikes and all you have in front of you is an empty plastic bottle, have you ever found yourself instinctively throwing the bottle up in an attempt to perform an epic trick shot? Flippy Bottle is basically a game about this, just in 2D, and for your smartphone. (Congrats! You no longer have to carry an empty bottle around!)

Now, for anyone who has ever played a “gamified” version of pretty much any real life activity, you probably already know that in most cases the game version is either going to be way harder than in real life, or way easier. Surprisingly, this game is actually somewhere in between.

Although it is almost impossible to judge just how hard you are throwing, (Due to the lack of physical feedback) Flippy Bottle Extreme!, being a game, allows you to retry 10 times faster than in real life, meaning although you will probably miss 9/10 times you’ll probably still succeed just a little faster than in real life.

For players who just can’t get enough of simple minimalist 2D physics based games Flippy Bottle Extreme! may just be the Game you’ve always been waiting for…

With a minimal number of ads, no limitations on the number of retries you are given. And lots of simple yet challenging stages, this is the perfect game to have for when boredom reaches its peak!

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