Flip Trickster – Oh, the cringe!!! 2018’s most cringe-worthy game!?

There are a bunch of different reasons why you could want to cringe as a game reviewer. Perhaps a major update was released just hours after your article was published, essentially making your article irrelevant the moment it goes live? Ohh, the pain! 😭

Flip Trickster (by Lion Studios and Filur) is perhaps the most cringe-worthy game we are going to review in 2018. If you are easily disturbed, we recommend not watching the video above, or reading this review! Go away now before it is too late! 😵

We warned you…

Flip Trickster is essentially a game about backflipping onto things at the gym, in the park, and on the street. In short, it is a backflip simulator with a bull’s eye target you are “supposed” to land on after flipping a few times in the air in order to gain points.

Obviously, backflipping isn’t easy, and as non-gym experts controlling a highly athletic low poly player, you can sort of see the potential cringe-worthy disasters that await us…

Although we only managed to visibly destroy our player once, (and that was when we actually got something right), if you have any sort of imagination, you don’t really need any gruesome effects to imagine just how many broken bones, cracked skulls, and dead gymnasts we could be held responsible for. 😢

Ohh, the cringe each time we land a perfect neck-flip…💀😱

Although you could almost consider this a negative in Flip Trickster, this game features a simple set of highly realistic low poly 3D graphics, a moderate number of Ads, and enough levels to satisfy even the toughest of heart. You are going to cringe sooner or later when playing Flip Trickster!

The Conclusion

Are you on a hunt for the most cringe-worthy game of 2018? Look no further! Here it is on iOS and Android!

Although very cool when you get things right, Flip Trickster is an awful game for players with an overly active imagination when you get things wrong… If you enjoy watching epic fail videos, this game will probably be a lot of fun for you…

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