Did you love (or do you still love) playing Chameleon Run (by Noodlecake Studios)? If so, today we’ve got a colorful new game you are probably going to want to check out!

Flip Surfing Colors (by LeftRight) is a fast and furious surfing game about surfing, flipping, and avoiding colorful obstacles that litter the stage. Played by touching on the left or right sides of the screen in order to swerve left or right, Flip Surfing Colors requires you to speedily maneuver over and around obstacles, while collecting coins, power-ups and puzzle pieces that appear every so often on the stage.

By collecting a powerup that looks like 4 floating color orbs, you can change your player’s color which allows you to collide with any same colored obstacles without losing any lives. On top of this, you are also given a booster every so often that practically allows you to ram through anything without losing any lives – which is useful especially when you seem trapped with no way of escaping.

Unlike Star Knight (also by LeftRight) that revolved around a central storyline, Flip Surfing Colors is more like Chameleon Run in that it doesn’t really follow a storyline. In fact, Flip Surfing Colors is practically an endless runner game with a few different themes you can unlock using the coins you collect within the game.

Featuring total of 6 unlockable levels, 4 unlockable characters, and 26 surfboards for you to collect, Flip Surfing Colors is a great looking game we actually don’t exactly understand. For the first time that we can remember, Flip Surfing Colors is a game that may actually have too many features.

With so many features, we weren’t and still aren’t sure what we were meant to focus our gameplay on. Are we supposed to focus on getting a high score, clearing missions, or collecting puzzle pieces, or something else entirely? We still aren’t exactly sure what we are meant to “do” in this game…

Although it makes it really hard for us reviewers, there is quite literally something for everyone in Flip Surfing Colors…😅

The Conclusion

Flip Surfing Colors is a great game. The graphics are great, the gameplay is literally packed with features, and the difficulty curve is gentle enough to help new players improve while still being entertaining for players who have far too much skill when playing games.

If you enjoy playing Subway Surfers (by Kiloo Games), you’ll probably really enjoy playing this game.

Want to give Flip Surfing Colors a try? The download link is just below.📲
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