Flip Diving – The best way to fulfill your crazy dream…!

Do you love diving? On a hot summer’s day there isn’t much that can beat diving into a cool lake, river, or swimming pool – except perhaps ice cream – and as long as you aren’t too crazy with your spectacular jump, things mostly turn out pretty well… Mostly… 😓

Flip Diving is a game about diving, more specifically stunt diving. If diving of a rock cliff face, where one wrong move could lead to instantaneous death, has always been your dream, congratulations, here’s a game where you can finally put your skills to the test with a 0% chance of ending up in hospital. (Or worse, in a coffin…)

The game itself is rather simple and is played in a simple 3 step process, Jump, Tuck/Flip, and Dive. Your diver starts off at a rather sensible height and with each successful dive will climb higher and higher up the cliff face until you eventually reach the very top of the hard rock cliff face.

Once your player completes a dive from the very top of the cliff, two floats that act as guides your player must dive between gradually grow closer and closer together making it harder and harder to successfully complete a dive.

Although an extremely dangerous game in real life, in a virtual world where your player will come back to life even after hitting his head against the side of a hard rock platform (Death…💀) diving of cliff faces can actually be pretty awesome!

With an amazing physics system and wonderful graphics that are realistic only when you need them to be – no blood and guts – this game is a no brainer for those of you who don’t have the guts to do it in real life. (We’re joking! Seriously, jumping off cliffs is dangerous! Don’t do it!)

Ever wondered how you could bellyflop without getting hurt? Flip Diving has the solution.

If you’ve always wanted to jump off a cliff but have been sensible enough not to, now you can finally see for yourself why you haven’t! (Every one on our review team died at least 2 times each…)

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