If you have a friend who is obsessed with the popular series “Super Smash Brothers”, there is a high chance you know very well that flying outside the visible playing area doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost… In fact, you could actually still win the game! – If only you were a better player…😢

Flick Dunk is the first mobile basketball game we’ve seen where most of the action takes place outside the visible play area… How exciting…

Set between the two edges of your smartphone’s display, your mission in this game is to flick a basketball up and into a basketball hoop positioned on either the left or right side of your screen. Although fairly simple in concept, your basketball doesn’t act anything like any of the super realistic basketball games we’ve seen recently, and will shoot across your screen like a frickin laser beam! 😱

The sheer speed at which your basketball moves in this game requires you to re-think the way in which you play basketball or else end up with a score of literally 0.

Flick Dunk

Although we aren’t exactly sure whether or not this is the best method, we have had a relatively high level of success by flicking our basketball way up and out of the screen and waiting for it to fall down and (hopefully) land in the hoop. Thanks to a small triangle that indicates where your ball is while it is outside of your screen, it is easy for you to visualize just where your ball is while it is outside of the visible screen area.

Using this method we were able to gain a super high score of 16…! Trust us, this game is harder than you think…

With the same simple minimalistic graphics we’ve seen in pretty much every 1Button game we’ve reviewed so far, Flick Dunk is simple, easy-ish to play, and has 3 games modes, 2 of which we will probably never get enough points to unlock… This game is so hard! 😫

The Conclusion

If you’ve ever tried playing basketball with one of those high bounce balls kids use to play handball at school, Flick Dunk will likely feel very familiar indeed…

If playing basketball with an uncontrollable basketball at 120kph sounds fun, you are probably going to really enjoy this game.

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