Flappy Golf 2 – This is what happens when you play golf with a Flappy Bird…

Do you enjoy playing simple golf games on your mobile device? We do, and so the first time we heard the title Flappy Golf 2 we had our doubts about how fun the game was going to be😓 Seriously it’s just another Flappy Game… isn’t it…?

Flappy Golf 2 is an awesomely fun little golf game that exceeded our expectations in almost every way possible! Set on a golf course (Gasp! We never would have guessed!) your mission in this game is basically to play normal golf, just with a “Flappy Golf Ball.”

The game itself is actually rather easy to play, (i.e. tap on the left side of the screen to flap left, and on the right to flap right.) but actually managing to clear each level in the minimum number of flaps possible will often prove to be a much harder task than you’d expect.

Although there are no restrictions on how many times you are allowed to flap per-level, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist who has to get a golden star on each level before you can sleep at night, you’ll probably be late for work / school tomorrow.

With 29 different courses each with their own separate 9 holes, this game has over 260 holes that will baffle and amaze you!

With Portals, Sticky Pads, Band Saws, floating chunks of Rock, Lazer Cutters, and of course classic Sand Bunkers, Flappy Golf 2 is cram packed with all sorts of amazing action packed stages you would never find or need in a normal 2D golf game! Totally insane, but awesome none the less😉

If you’d like a golf game that doesn’t really make sense, a game that is awesome! …but doesn’t really have all that much to do with golf, Flappy Golf 2 is probably the game you are looking for.

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