Fired Up – Fighting fires was never so exciting! …or dangerous.

If you were a firefighter, and if you just so happened to forget to bring a ladder in your haste to get to a burning building, what would you do next? …what the firefighter in Fired Up did is truly brilliant! (And a little stupid…😓 )

Set in front of a burning building (pretty obvious) your mission in this game is to put out fires (also pretty obvious) by using your fire hose as a sort of jet pack to climb up the side of the building!? (We didn’t see that coming!)

Played in a similar fashion to BoomBit’s Triangle Dash! and Bird Climb, the game is played using long and short taps in order to adjust the amount of water you are pumping out, in turn altering your players altitude. The angle at which you travel is reversed each time you hit the edge of your screen, making your player move in a sort of zigzag up the side of the building.

Overall, Fired Up is very easy to figure out, and as long as you have a relatively good sense of in-game balance (i.e. how much power will move you how high) you should be able to get yourself out of most difficult situations without dying too often.

Lastly, if you are one to care about graphics, you’ve got nothing to fear in Fired Up! Featuring simple 2D graphics packed with lifelike animations, this game is nothing less than you’d expect from Noodlecake Studios!

Did you ever want to become a firefighter? This is probably what you’d be doing all day if you actually become one… (Ok, maybe not “every day,” or ever really…😓 )

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