We have by now checked out a number of different games by the Digital Melody team, all with a distinctly simple design and an equally simple gameplay system to match. And today’s game is no exception…

Find The Balance is a game about balancing random objects within a given amount of time in order to clear each level with a glowing 3 Stars! With over 60 levels for you to balance your way through, Find The Balance is super easy to play “in theory” yet super challenging to master “in reality”.

Set on a number of different simplistic 2D stages, your goal in pretty much all of the levels in this game are the same, balance a given number of objects using whatever “solid” objects you can find already on the stage and try not to let anything fall. Because death is always just below…💀

Now, much as we are trying to over-dramatize what is actually taking place in this game, it is actually surprisingly difficult to balance a pen on an apple even with a pineapple for support. If you’re the type that finds yourself puzzling over things for hours, until you finally figure out a solution, chances are you’ll find this game dangerously addictive.

With a very generous time limit, (at least in the lower levels that is), a simple set of Touch & Swipe-Based controls and a surprisingly minimal number of adds to break your concentration, Find The Balance is another simple puzzle game for you to fall in love with!

If you find balancing things fun, why not give Find The Balance a try? Perhaps you’ll find balancing your life around this new found addiction amusing as well…😜

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