Finally, we’ve found it! The long awaited truly intriguing mobile RPG we were all waiting for! …or is it…?

FINAL TAPTASY, (not FINAL FANTASY), is a dungeon adventure style RPG that is probably best described as Tap Titans with an actual storyline. Unlike the majority of endless tapper RPG that hit the Apple App Store and Google Play these past few months, FINAL TAPTASY actually revolves around a base storyline and has a decent amount of functionality you just can’t get in a single view tapper game. …Sorry, Tap Titans… You’re not the one…

Due to the fact that the game revolves around a single base story line, the gameplay system mostly consists of, Attack Dungeon ➡️  Victory ➡️  Return to Town ➡️  Enchant Weapons ➡️  Buy Upgrades 🔄  Repeat. And the loop goes on and on…

Unfortunately, FINAL TAPTASY doesn’t work by itself in the background meaning, if you’re the type of player that enjoys playing a game that half plays itself, FINAL TAPTASY may not be exactly what you are looking for.

However, in exchange for low offline functionality, FINAL TAPTASY shines brighter than all the competition when in the actual game itself. With a huge catalog of support characters you can unlock to make battling dungeons just a little easier, this game allows you to swarm your enemies with troops, crushing absolutely everything that stands in your path!

Last but not least, the graphics in this game are some of the cutest! If you happen to be a pixel art fan in search of some inspiration, chances are you’ll want to take a look at this game… and then have a try… and then get heavily addicted…💀

The Conclusion

Cram packed with live action and functionality, FINAL TAPTASY has the two key features most endless tapper games just seem to lack. If you’re into tapper style RPG but feel they all seem to lack the type of hardcore action you desire, chances are you’ve just stumbled upon the game you’ve always wanted!

Want to give FINAL TAPTASY a try? The download link is just below😉

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