Fast Track

It has been a while since a game from the Umbrella Games Team appeared in our seemingly “never-ending” list of games to check out… What awaited us was a game like nothing we had ever seen before!

Fast Track is a game designed to captivate its players before the players themselves even realize what has happened. Unless you are a hard core Puzzle Game fanatic who never strays from your favorite genre of gaming, chances are you’ll struggle not to hit the retry button in Fast Track after an unexpected GAME OVER.👾

Set on a multilayered 3D race track, your mission in this game is to speed down the obstacle filled lanes of this super fast game without smashing into any of the many moving obstacles that do a great job of catching players off guard…

In addition to intense addictive gameplay, Fast Track actually features a set of highly unique levels, (40 Fast Paced Levels with more coming soon!), which are starting to become a bit of a rarity in our highly saturated “Endless Runner Game” market.

With a stunning set of 3D graphics that twist and turn with your player’s movements, Fast Track is by far the best game from the Umbrella Games Team we have ever seen!

Last but not least, Fast Track features a minimal number of ads which make playing this game just that little bit more addictive…😃

Are you in need of a game that does an incredible job of captivating its players, forcing you to play one game after another until eventually you stop and realize you haven’t written a review and your boss is furious…?😠

If so, chances are this is the game you’ve been waiting for!

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