Faily Rider – Ready for some of the most spectacular “Game Overs” ever!?

Do you remember a game called Faily Brakes? With some of the most spectacular Game Overs ever seen at Edamame Reviews, this game made history… Today it’s back, and it’s stronger than ever!

Faily Rider is basically the same game as Faily Brakes. Set in pretty much the same desert-like gorge with pretty much the same layout and controls, the only real difference between these two games is the fact that one of them is played using a big 4WD with plenty of protection, and the other is played using one of the most dangerous forms of transportation, motorbikes…

Boy the Game Overs in this game are going to be awesome!

For people who haven’t played either of the two games listed in this review. Both Faily Brakes and Faily Rider are runner type games based around racing through an obstacle filled gorge max speed without any brakes.

The idea behind the game is pretty simple – and pretty stupid – but is fun and very easy to play. Playable in both landscape and portrait mode, this game is played using nice and easy controls, tap on the left side of the screen to turn left, and on the right side to turn right, that will literally take you 5 seconds to figure out.

Lastly, what you’ve all been waiting for. The Game Over scenes in Faily Rider are just as epic as its predecessor, if not better! If you love epic Game Over scenes, this game will blow your mind!

Are you ready to witness some of the best Game Over scenes ever!?

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