ExtremeJobs Knight's Assistant

Have you ever wondered who cleans up after your hero in the RPG’s you play? Most of the time the heroes you play in RPG’s aren’t exactly the cleanest bunch, and unless you’re playing a game involving huge monsters and lots of cats, you are never actually shown the people who take care of your character…

ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant (by Bigshot Games) is a game about that guy who doesn’t get any glory; that guy who follows your hero around and collects the items dropped by the countless enemies you slay. This is a revolutionary game! 🤣

After a quick interview with your new boss – a knight who would probably make a better villain than a hero – you are quickly put to work collecting dropped items, upgrading your boss’s equipment, throwing exploding fairies, and more! …all for little or no pay…

Played similarly to most clicker games, ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant gives you the choice between selling and keeping the items you collect. If you choose to sell the items you collect, you can purchase new upgrades for your boss, and if you choose to keep the items you collect you can forge new upgrades for your boss. Either way, you get nothing – so it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re good at playing the new types of clicker games that revolve more around your management skills rather than your ability to barrage the screen of your device with an endless flurry of taps, you probably won’t find this game too difficult.

Unfortunately, ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant doesn’t seem to have an offline mode, meaning you’ll need to have the app open (not just in the background) in order to keep earning money. This is kind of annoying, especially for players like us who enjoy playing clicker games on and off while on the go.

With a nicely animated pixelated design, not too many Ads (…actually, no ads…), and the worst boss we’ve ever seen in a clicker game (at least your boss in Make More! doesn’t threaten to kill you! …although he may replace you with a robot so… yeah…ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant is a comedy filled clicker game we really enjoyed playing!

One quick tip we weren’t told until the end of our testing period. You can simply swipe to collect items! You don’t need to tap on them all individually…😅

The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing silly games, or would just like to know what it is like to work as an assistant to a hero, this is the game for you! You’ll soon realize that being the hero is a lot more fun than being the assistant…

Want to give ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant a try? The download link is just below.📲
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