Exit Hero – Is This The Best Security Guard On Earth!?

Stop for a second and imagine yourself as a security guard. Sitting in your small office you quietly snack on doughnuts as you wait for your call. Which will hopefully never come…

Suddenly a man bangs on your window before swiftly getting tackled by a massive green zombie! “What would you do in this situation?” If you are anything like us, chances are your first thought would be to RUN!!! What this security guard does next will shock you…!

⬆️  A perfect example of Click Bait?

Exit Hero is a game about a crazy security guard that takes his job just a little too seriously… Set in a 99 story building, your mission in this game is to help everyone safely escape the building, floor by floor, without getting eaten yourself.💀

The game is played a little like a puzzle game and requires you to move logically rather than quickly. Each floor/level is made up of 3 rooms containing panicked people and a number of zombies all standing their ground. Why doesn’t anyone think about running away…?

Your job is to tag each person without accidentally bumping into a zombie before swiftly exiting each room. There is an overall time limit you must escape each level by but we haven’t died due to lack of time… or at least, we haven’t died yet…💀

As long as you have the ability to think quickly and logically + the ability to execute your logical plans without accidentally meeting up with a zombie, chances are Exit Hero is a game you’ll find challenging and fun but never overly difficult.

With remarkably high-quality 3D graphics, a simple swipe control gameplay system, and a massive 99 levels to keep you entertained, this is one of the most peaceful zombie game’s we’ve ever reviewed. Seriously your player’s primary weapon is a doughnut!

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