Evil Factory – A super modernized mobile version of Bomberman

Have you ever played a game by the name of Bomberman? Released by Konami back in 1983 this iconic game has been a long time favorite of many gamers – including us – for years. …Today we’ve got a mobile game that resurrects the bomber spirit! …or at least… sort of…

Evil Factory is a wonderfully pixelated game about a guy, a mad scientist, robots, and bombs. Your mission in this game is to dive deep down into the darkest depths of an evil scientist’s underground lab equipped with nothing but a bunch of bombs, a flamethrower, and a wacky time slowing device.

Played using a bunch of tiny on-screen controls that don’t suck(!), Evil Factory seems to consist solely of boss battles – a little like in Megaman – that increase in difficulty as you gradually progress throughout the game.

Now, if (tiny on-screen controls that don’t suck) sound appealing to you, chances are you’ll enjoy this game. Just like any other game using virtual controls, the controls in Evil Factory aren’t the easiest to use and so, every now and then you will need to lift your finger off the screen and reposition how you hold your device.

When this happens, “normally” your AI opponents are given a clear window to deliver the finishing blow and end the game. GAME OVER! This is super annoying(!) but in Evil Factory this sort of unfortunate event should never happen.

The moment you lift your finger off the screen of your device, all time slows down! Although this super slow motion mode is limited to just a few seconds, it is plenty of time to regain your grip and analyze the stage around you.

With excellent graphics, an entertaining story line, a brilliant gameplay system that converts every mobile action game’s weakness into its greatest strength(!) this is a game both players and developers are sure to enjoy.

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