Ellie & Max – Finally! Is this the next Monument Valley?

Do you love mentally playing with dimensions? If puzzling over how you could jump into the 4th dimension is something you enjoy, Monument Valley “was” the game for you… Today everything changes…

Ellie & Max is a 2D puzzle game that is set in a 3D world. Although the screen you interact with when moving around is set in 2D, you can rotate the entire stage at any time to change your 3D perspective on what is going on.

Having trouble visualizing how this works? Check out the video above.⬆️

Now, although picturing how to play Ellie & Max for the first time is almost a puzzle in itself, once you’ve figured out how the game works, all you have to do is alter your perspective on the world around you. How hard could that be…?

…If you’ve played Monument Valley, chances are you already know how difficult it is to “see something” in any other way than how it already is. Although the graphics in Ellie & Max are much simpler than the graphics in Monument Valley – making the game a little simpler to play – it is still surprisingly difficult to picture how something in 3D is going to fit into a 2D world…

For players who have already played Monument Valley, Ellie & Max is much closer to a game in both design and gameplay. If you’re after a game that looks more like a work of art rather than a game for your smartphone, Monument Valley is still the game for you.

With wonderfully blocky graphics, 80 puzzles to puzzle through (more puzzles coming soon!), and No Ads(!), Ellie & Max is a game we’d recommend to anyone who is planning on visiting the “Second Dimension” anytime soon…

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