Have you ever fought over who is “forced” to eat the last slice of Pizza? After foolishly ordering a pizza 2x bigger than normal it is now time to decide who is forced to suffer the unavoidable consequences commonly known as a Food Coma…💀

EAT FATTY is a multiplayer game about force-feeding your opponent fatty foods using a massive spear-like skewer in order to spear foods out of the air and into your opponent’s open mouth.

Played using a simple-ish(?) set of touch and drag controls to move your player and skewer around your half of the screen, EAT FATTY allows you to not only attack, but also defend using your skewer as a means to knock fatty foods off the tip of your opponent’s skewer.

This freedom to play the game in whatever way you want allows you to devise different strategies and tactics to defeat your opponent, adding an extra level of depth to this rather straightforward gameplay system.

Featuring an extremely cute set of graphics with characters that are cute when both super overweight and extra unhealthily thin, EAT FATTY is a fun little multiplayer game to have on your phone while waiting for a meal to arrive, or when settling who has to eat the last slice of pizza…😉

Are you in need of a fun little multiplayer game you can play with friends and family without the fuss of logging into servers, changing WiFi connections, Bluetooth… etc.

If so, EAT FATTY may just be the game you’ve been waiting for.

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