Are you a devoted Basketball fan? No? Well, too bad, you still NEED today’s game!

Dunkers is the most ridiculously awesome basketball game you need on your smartphone! Set on a 2D pixel basketball court where anything can happen, your mission in this game is to use your oversized swinging arms to grab a basketball and complete a slam dunk before your opponent does. Simple and easy…

Your players, (People, Gameboys, Ducks, Frogs, and pretty much whatever else you can imagine), will wildly bounce around the stage grabbing the ball from one another until one side – hopefully yours – finally lands a slam dunk and you either GAME OVER or continue on to the next round.

The game is played using on-screen left / right buttons which also act as jump buttons which, as far as we know, affect how high your player jumps based on the how long you hold each button down(?) Every now and then the controls seemed to be a little unresponsive until all of a sudden we were shooting through the roof! A bit of a mystery, but fun nonetheless. 😃

With 3 game modes, Arcade, Career, and 2 Player, Dunkers has enough functionality to last a while, and enough ridiculousness to last you a lifetime! Our team’s favorite game mode was arcade mode due to how unstressful and silly it was, but how you choose to play this game is really up to personal preference, and how competitive you are…

With cute pixel graphics, stupid physics, and a super simple gameplay system that is best described as ridiculous, this game is simply fun and enjoyable.

Whether you like basketball or not, Dunkers is a game we highly recommend you try.

With a gameplay system that is fun and enjoyable for players of all ages and backgrounds, it would actually be a challenge to find someone who doesn’t like this game.

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