Dunkers 2 – Your favourite basketball game just got even better…!

Did you fall in love with the original version of Dunkers by Colin Lane Games? If so, today we’ve got another ridiculously awesome basketball game you’ve practically already fallen in love with!

Dunkers 2 is everything you ever loved and enjoyed about Dunkers, only with better graphics, more functionality, and all the ridiculousness you could ever want in a mildly serious basketball game. If you can even call this game serious…

Set on a number of different new and beautifully redesigned 2D stages, your mission in this game is to jump around the screen of your device and score awesome slam dunks using the insane dunking skills you acquired playing the first version of Dunkers.

With 3 “Single Player” game modes, (Arcade Mode, Tournament, and Quick Game), plus an added “Two Player Mode” for some awesome local multiplayer action(!) Dunkers 2 comes packed with more arm spinning basketball fun than ever before!

Now, it wouldn’t exactly be a fair review if we didn’t cover some of the negative aspects of this brand new game. Although very nice and new, if it is simplicity you are after, Dunkers 1 is actually arguably better than Dunkers 2…

With a much simpler design overall, far less excess functionality, and a lovely set of Pixelated Graphics, there will definitely be some players who enjoy Dunkers 1 more than the hot new Dunkers 2.

Either way, both of these games are simple and fun to play so you likely won’t regret giving either of them a try. Why not play them both…? 😜

Whether you’re a devoted Dunkers fan, or a new player looking for a silly little Basketball game for your smartphone, both Dunkers and Dunkers 2 are two of the most ridiculously awesome basketball games we have ever played! Although Dunkers 2 may be slightly more serious than dunkers 1…

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