The Apple App Store and Google Play have been really generous toward Basketball fans lately… With more fun casual basketball games being launched than we physically have time to cover! Today we’ve got yet another simple basketball game from Ketchapp and Yuri Sanachev for you to check out.

Dunk Hoop (by Ketchapp and Yuri Sanachev) is a game about moving a floating basketball hoop in order to make even the worst shots a three-pointer. Is this cheating? Probably. But it’s fun, so who cares! 😆

Set in a mostly white 3D space, Dunk Hoop is played by skillfully dragging your hoop left and right across the screen of your device in order to catch basketballs that fly toward you from somewhere outside your field of view. As far as we are aware this is the first game from Ketchapp we’ve played that is obviously 3D – not a 3D game pretending to be 2D – and we really like it!! 🏀

If you are skilled enough to catch more than 3 basketballs without letting them bounce – or even touch – the edges of your hoop, the basketballs you are catching will begin to smoke and eventually catch on fire(!) increasing your score by +1, +2, +3, +4, and beyond(!) each and every time you make a perfect dunk!

With both a Challenge Mode as well as an Endless Mode for you to check out, and a bunch of different unlockable balls, hoops, and nets, you can quite literally customize almost everything in this game! …that being said, there isn’t a lot more in this game other than balls, hoops, and nets…😛

For all the die-hard Ketchapp fans out there who haven’t checked out this game yet, Dunk Hoop isn’t as addictive as Dunk Shot but is much better than Dunk Line – which was a bit of a disaster in our opinion.😅

If you’re in for something new, you won’t regret trying this game.

The Conclusion

Do you have what it takes to help an awful basketball player – who can’t even throw straight – magically look like a legend? If so, this is the game for your unique talent – commonly known as cheating…😜

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