Duck Roll – A 3D puzzle with Traps, Obstacles, and a Square Duck…

There are some words you normally don’t associate together, like “ice cream & hot chilli”, “Squid & 4K TV”, it just doesn’t make any sense… and so when we found a game about “Puzzles” and a “Square Duck”, we simply couldn’t resist taking a closer look.

Duck Roll is a game about an extremely heavy rolling duck (Seriously, it can easily push a block twice its size), a heap of different sized blocks, and a hole in the ground. Your mission in this game is to use the different objects scattered around each level in order to help your duck fall into a hole in the ground.

If you’re the type that seems to always fall into holes in the ground, this is the game where you can finally put your natural skills to good use! Using simple swipe controls you will be required to clear a total of 128 unique levels in as few moves as possible!

For puzzle lovers who really love to ponder, this game is awesome! With no time limit and no crazy abstract enemies to throw you way off course. You could theoretically work on a single level for years without anything getting in your way.

If you’re in need of a cute 3D puzzle involving a duck and a hole (No grapes unfortunately) this is the game!

To all nieces and nephews who have an uncle who fell in love with “the duck song” and would rather have nothing to do with the disgusting creatures for as long as possible,  we promise you, this game is safe… Probably😋

Are you in need of a 3D puzzle that requires nothing but pure brain power to complete? If so this is the game to raise your IQ just that little bit higher.

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