Dropple by The Mascoteers – Review

Does everyone remember our review of Stack by Ketchapp? If you don’t, then now would be a good time to check it out, because today’s game is nearly identical, only this time, instead of going up, we’re going down… This is our review of Dropple.

After the first 3 seconds of playing Dropple we had already decided the subtitle for this review (Dropple: Every “Step” Counts) because in this game it really does count.

Dropple is an extremely simple game “concept wise.” You have a ball, that slowly bounces down a staircase, “simple.” Your job as the player is to build the staircase that the ball bounces down as the ball bounces down it, so a little speed is required, but what’s needed most is “accuracy.”

Either from the left hand side or from the right hand side, a new stair will randomly slide in and move back and forth until you tap on the screen and stop it. Once stopped the next stair will slide in, and the next, and the next, etc…

As you can probably already imagine, this system of building staircases has one major issue, errors! Each time you stop a stair, it will almost always be a little further over to the left, or to the right slowly veering your staircase in one way or another.

At first – depending on how “accurate” you are – this doesn’t seem like too much of an issue. The stairs are relatively wide and you’ll seem to be alright, but 15 steps down the track together with 15 small errors, and you’ll soon find yourself in big trouble…

After playing this game 10 or so times we found that we took way too long to “set” the stair in place, and that the ball would often bounce down a stair we hadn’t yet placed…

Maybe we need to make decisions faster?

If you’re after a fun game that may(?) even help you figure out your “mental weakness”, here it is… Probably…😅

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