What is your favorite aspect of a video game? For some it is the story, for others, it is the graphics, but for us, it is the super cute characters! …Or at least it is in DROP NOT!

DROP NOT! is one of the simplest platform roller type games – is that a category? – we have ever seen. Played using super easy, “Tap to start rolling 90 degrees left/right controls”, this game is simple and easy to play single-handedly, just so long as you aren’t in a shaky environment. (Accidental double taps can be fatal in this game…)

With no obstacles to avoid (that we know of), no massive boulders closing in from behind like in Cliff Hopper, and checkpoints you can unlock scattered throughout the entire game(!) DROP NOT! looks to be an extremely simple game to play. …until things start breaking up…

You see, as you progress through the game, the stage your player rolls on starts to break apart, sometimes leaving you stranded on a pathway that leads nowhere(!) while other times forcing you to take a leap of faith and roll off the edge just in time to land on a new path rising up from below…

If this game were played without checkpoints, chances are it would truly be an impossible game. Luckily, the many checkpoints in DROP NOT! allow you to skip over difficult places in the stage once cleared, and better still allows you to memorize difficult challenges in the stage ahead of you.

Although definitely a challenging game, the simple control system and checkpoints scattered throughout the stage make playing DROP NOT! fun and enjoyable while keeping the overall difficulty high.

The Conclusion

With high-end graphics, a well-balanced gameplay system, and plenty of levels for you to struggle through, DROP NOT! may be the best platform roller game we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews to date!

Want to give DROP NOT! a try? The download link is just below😉

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  1. Looks like a pretty fun game! I do like the take on that visuals and perspective, and love the small details like the destructible environments
    Thanks for the recommendation

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