Drop Flip by BorderLeap – Review

Drop Flip by BorderLeap; A game based purely on physics.

Are there things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? A lot of the time these “miniature dreams” are forgotten somewhere in time either because they are too difficult, too time consuming, or the mess afterwards is way too big😓

Drop Flip is the sort of game every chain reaction loving garage scientist needs. Based around a “Ball” (that drops directly down) a “Bucket” (that the ball needs to fall into) and a whole heap of abstract shapes and objects, this game is one of the few games on Edamame Reviews that doesn’t have a distinctive right and wrong way to play.

The aim of the game is simple, “drop the ball into the bucket”, but the way you use the different objects to achieve this simple goal is completely up to you. We once managed to clear a stage without using even half the tools available!

For creative people this game just gets better and better because the only real limitations you’ll be up against are your imagination, and physics.

Best of all there are no massive scale rigs to pack up afterwards, nor tiny variables like the wind, younger siblings, or budget to get in the way of your experimentation.

If you like playing around with 2D physics, Drop Flip is a no brainer, you need this game!

Otherwise, Drop Flip is an extremely well made physics game packed with 100 brain twisting levels sure to level up your imagination.

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