DROOM – Finally! A puzzle game that isn’t that hard…

Are you in need of a simple 3D Puzzle Game set in a mystical low-poly world? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because DROOM is a game you’ll struggle not to understand…

Set in a low-poly 3D world, DROOM is a game centered around collecting Black or White ball-like objects in order to open a gate and continue on to the next level. Set on a 3D stage similar to that of a fancy board game, DROOM is played by skillfully moving from one space to another around the stage in order to reach the goal with the correct number of balls and unlock the final gate.

At this point, we would normally say something like, “Although this concept may sound simple it is actually super challenging!” Unfortunately, if you were after a super challenging game, DROOM probably isn’t the game you’ve been longing for.😅

Although DROOM has a gameplay system with the potential to get rather challenging over time, during our time playing the game, (which was unfortunately short), we only experienced a very slow and gradual increase in difficulty which could be a massive plus depending on your gaming needs…👾

With a set of graphics that DOESN’T copy Monument Valley for once! (Whoo Hoo!) a number of different levels for you to explore and a minimal number of ads to interrupt your gaming, DROOM is a game we’d recommend to anyone in need of a simple yet stylish puzzle game for their brand new smartphone.

Are you ready to test out your simple addition and subtraction skills in a beautifully low poly 3D world? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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