Have you ever wondered why humans find walking up the down escalator so attractive…? Whether you’ve actually gone and done it or not, chances are you’ve wondered what humans find so attractive about breaking the rules…

Drive Fast is a game that “at first” doesn’t seem to need an explanation. Set on a never ending stretch of freeway, your mission in this game is to, well… break the speed limit… Charging “down” the freeway at full speed, your goal is to avoid cars moving “up” the freeway in order to avoid a head-on collision.

Why!, Why!!, Why???, your player chose to test out his speed racer techniques on the wrong side of the road we have no idea, but your mission in this game is to pick up where your player left off and do whatever it takes to survive!

Played using a quick and easy set of (Touch Controls) to speedily switch between lanes, controlling your vehicle in Drive Fast is surprisingly simple and easy to do, just so long as you are watching what is coming up ahead…

Just like on a normal freeway, some cars will drive faster than others meaning you will need to stay focused on what is coming up ahead in order avoid a head on collision…😱

Lastly, the graphics in this game are good… but also bad… Based on pure quality, the graphics in this game are great. (Nothing over the top, just great.) Unfortunately, when everything on your screen is moving at high speeds things tend to get blurry, making the graphics difficult to look at for some players…

The Conclusion

If you’re after a game with a concept so simple it doesn’t really need an explanation, Drive Fast is a game you will likely enjoy.

Ready to test out your illegal driving skills? The download link is just below😉

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