DrawMatch is really a remarkable idea. Linking an instant rating system into a drawing app is an awesome idea, one I personally wish I had of thought of myself. It is brilliant!

The game works by first showing you a drawing, and then getting you to replicate it. When done you hit a little submit button in the upper right hand corner and instantly get a rating of how well you did.

You can also create an account and play multiplayer mode to battle out with your friends. Find out who truly is the best drawer in your university or kindergarten! DrawMatch really does take friendly drawing to the next level…

Though one of my colleges was adamant that adults would love this game as much as children, which I’m sure they would, I was actually more interested in how well balanced the game was, age group wise. The pictures you are asked to replicate aren’t too hard for most artistic small children, but yet not too easy for their older siblings or parents. In a sense DrawMatch is a game enjoyable by any age group. Although, unless you’re playing as a group, I still think younger children would like it more.

DrawMatch_SS1 DrawMatch_SS2

If you’re in need of a more artistic and educational game than Angry Birds, DrawMatch is it!

Unfortunately in this review we could not cover all the features of this super high spec drawing app, such as 3D touch, but we still had an awful lot of fun.

If you happen to be planning a party, why not consider a drawing competition?  We are!

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