Draw In™ – Ever wondered how many pixels this Emoji is…?✌️


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If you’ve ever moved house, you’ve probably been required to guesstimate just how long something needs to be in order for it to fit nicely… Unfortunately, though, some shapes are harder to mentally measure than others and well… Someone decided to make a game out of it… 😅

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Draw In™ (by Super Tapx) is a game about drawing a straight line that is long enough to perfectly wrap around a given shape. (If you’re having trouble picturing what we are trying to say, we recommend checking out the video above.) Although the concept is simple, actually managing to guestimate correctly is more challenging than you probably think.🤔

Played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device in order to draw your line and releasing in order to stop, Draw In™ is very simple and easy to play as a game – but will likely have you scratching your head in bewilderment as you realise just how easy it is for you underestimate as well as overestimate how long things really are…!

For anyone wondering, Draw In™ is very similar to Stick Hero (by Ketchapp)

With a total of 400 levels for you to draw your way through + an endless mode for you to unlock, Draw In™ may actually make your guestimates more accurate, meaning this game may actually be slightly more educational than clicking on a giant chocolate chip cookie(?) although it is up to you to decide which is more fun. 😛

With a moderate number of Ads, a simplistic design, and that’s about it – no $9 weekly subscriptions – this is a yet another fun game for your iOS or Android device you may just want to take a look at.

The Conclusion

As a player, we didn’t expect this game to be anywhere near as difficult as it turned out to be. If you’re the type of player that takes pride in getting a perfect 3-star score in every level you complete, you are going to be a master of mentally measuring objects once you get to the end of this game.

…and just to stress you out a bit more, there is such a thing as a PERFECT LINE in this game which gives you 3 stars and a crown… Good Luck… 😝

Want to give Draw In™ a try? The download link is just below.📲
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