Double Cube – A challenging 3D runner game where controlling two players is actually possible…!

Do you enjoy playing games where you control two players at once? Although very cool, often these types of games are simply way too difficult for the average player to enjoy, which can result in a strange resentment toward them… Today we’ve got a new one…😉

Double Cube is an extremely well-made 3D “Double Runner Game” (i.e. a runner game where you control two players) and we must say it is much easier than the majority of other similar games currently on the App Store.

Using simple “Touch to Jump” controls, you will be required to jump over laser beams, large gaps, and more, as your two blocks speedily dash along an awesome neon-colored path.

Overall, Double Cube is pretty much your standard “Double Runner Game” just with one key difference, it isn’t annoying! You see, instead of making the game insanely difficult like most developers have up until now, Double Cube is just a little slower than most double runners, and has fewer obstacles.

This slight decrease in difficulty makes the game 100 times more enjoyable than most other double runners and allows us to say with confidence that the majority of players will enjoy this game.

Double Cube is a cool new double runner game we highly recommend to players who don’t have the best experiences trying to control two players at once…

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