Dots by Playdots – Review

If you dislike puzzles because they are well, “puzzling…” then we may have just found the perfect game for you.

Dots is the least puzzling puzzle we have ever played. If you really want a high score, and you happen to be playing in ‘Moves mode’ a mode where you only have a limited amount of moves but no time limit, then puzzling over your next move may be a good idea, otherwise this game is up to speed, judgement, and a little bit of luck.

The concept is simple, connect as many same coloured dots on a gridded screen as possible before time or moves run out. The number of dots you manage to connect with each line is the number of points added to your total score, and by connecting the dots to create a square you can instantly eliminate all the dots that are the same colour as it, giving you a massive score.

Are these rules puzzling?

They weren’t for us, and hopefully won’t be for you either. The only feature we wish the Playdots team had added would be the ability to connect dots diagonally. Unfortunately the game currently does not support diagonals, but looking at the bright side, that’s just one less move to puzzle over.

Dots_SS1 Dots_SS2

If you just can’t stand puzzling for hours over a “stupid game!!!”, this fast paced puzzle may just be the thing for you. Mind you, if you actually like puzzling there is always ‘Moves mode’ where you can sit back and puzzle for hours .

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