Play “Dorik” mobile game and make time fly by! 😄

Dorik mobile game is a simple yet interesting game. The premise of the game is simple: the game randomly spawns bundles of money from the top of the screen. The goal of the game is to catch the money. Catch as much money as possible!

Juggle with falling money and show off your skills to your friends. The Dorik game is easy to learn but becomes harder and harder to master. Let‘s see if you can keep up? Catch money for as long as possible, beat high-scores and win! Simple yet addictive! The game can be played by young children as well as adults.

The perfect companion app while standing in line, waiting at a bank or other some other place. Simply catch as much falling money as you can without dropping any.

How to play?

– Tap or hold left to go left
– Tap or hold right to go right
– Catch as much falling money as possible
– Smash your friend’s high scores

If any of the bundles of money touch the ground, the game is over. Game Center Leaderboards are integrated which lets the user compete with friends and other players.

Download Dorik game today, free on the App Store!



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