A weather monitoring system has been introduced to Domination Earth, which would make Domination Earth (as far as we’re aware) the first GPS-Based Strategy Game to utilize real-time weather as part of the gameplay! …and we’ve paired it with Domination Earth’s festive season event which launches tomorrow…! 🎅🏻🎁

Here are the details:

Domination Earth’s festive season launches tomorrow (14th of December) at approx. 9:00 GMT+0 and finishes on the 1st of January 2018 (until midnight that day).

During this time frame, for every capture of new land or upgrade of existing territory, there is a random chance you will be awarded additional resources (Money, Supplies, Personnel or Unobtainium – our premium currency). This “seasonal bonus” can only occur once every 24 hours per land. We strongly encourage all players to visit as many of their lands as possible on a daily basis.

The bonus will only appear if certain weather conditions are met: when you capture or upgrade your land a weather snapshot around your device will be taken (measuring temperature, wind speed etc.) and may trigger one of 3 possible “Reward Categories”, which are as follows:

1) “Christmas Spirit”: When the surrounding temperature is low (and it is snowing!).
2) “Tropical Christmas”: For those in a really hot climate in December.
3) “Was that a flying sleigh?”: During really windy conditions (regardless of temperature).

For those who fail to find a spot with the aforementioned weather conditions before January 1st, we’ll run a forum contest later rewarding “The Least Christmassy Weather” among the recorded check-ins so everyone should get a prize one way or another. 😉

Putting your phone in a freezer or throwing it off the roof won’t bypass the requirements, as weather monitoring is performed by a real-time meteorological satellite…😂

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