Does not Commute by Mediocre AB – Review

Have you ever played chess with yourself? Depending on how “honest” you are with yourself, it can actually be a rather challenging game to win, but will never get as “heated” or “exciting” as when you play with your uncle… Today we’ve got a game where everything is well… “you”…!?

Does not Commute is one of – if not the craziest – games we’ve ever played. Created by the developers of Smash Hit, Does not Commute is a game where “you” do everything. You are the enemies, the obstacles, the crazy driver drifting all over the street, everything. 

This is a game where you can truly go head to head against yourself!

Based around the simple concept of driving from A to B, the game “slowly” increases in difficulty, depending on how good your driving skills are…😅

You see, starting with level 1 you are simply required to drive a car from one street to another without destroying your car, pretty simple. Level 2 will require the same sort of simple task but with one key difference, this time, the car you were previously driving will also be driving on the street, and will take the same – crazy – route you previously took😱

As you can probably already imagine, it doesn’t take too long for this game to become superhuman level difficulty, and it’s all because of you!!

Have you ever thought the world would be a happy place if only everyone was the same as you?

Think again😓

Does not Commute is so insanely difficult, it will help you to actually begin to appreciate the crazy drivers in real life that “aren’t you“…

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